freelance and remote work survey

Can't see the forest for the trees? 
Who are your freelancers? Do you have any remote workers? 
What do they do? What do they need?

get your answers in 35 days!

you don't know what you don't know
make informed decisions

we know the questions to ask and we know how to build a strategy around independent workforce engagement 

We've been working with rural communities to build their freelance/remote workforce for the past two years. 
We understand how to engage with them and build functioning ecosystems that support them. It all starts with local data.
Ask The Right Questions
The first task in engagement is asking the right questions. We know what to ask. 
Make The Right Connections
The independent professional workforce does not come with a manual. They have similarities and differences. We help to make the connections. 
Build The Right Plan
Informed community planning with current local data will save money and mitigate risk. We provide the survey data needed to make confident strategic decisions.
how important is a single question? 
local feedback is essential 

Why did you choose to become an independent professional?

(real sample answers from surveys)

"I tried to find work in town but it was too limiting. The limited thinking and lack of flexibility was too restrictive. I carved my own path that was flexible and fit my family need."
"Long term disability"
"Retired from Government and was looking for supplemental income. I had the skills in digital marketing and the demand for my skills was evident."
"It allowed me to do meaningful work without leaving the area."
"More flexibility and realized I was an entrepreneur at heart. I wanted to move out of the city and live the lifestyle I knew and had grown up with."
All of your answers in just 35 Days! 
You get one shot with a survey and there's a lot to learn about freelancer/remote worker engagement in order to ask the right questions. 

Let us help.

What is your time worth to you?

Freelancer/Remote Worker Survey Package

  • Complete Survey: The survey is comprised of a mix of question types designed for engagement and completion. Rural on Purpose will provide you with a link to the survey. Suggestions and recommendations are provided for survey promotion and dissemination. It is up to the purchaser to distribute the survey link. 
  • 2 Custom Questions: 2 Custom questions can be included in the survey. ie "Would you be interested in joining the local chamber of commerce?" 
  • Social Media Posts: You will be provided with social media posts to promote your survey
  • Once Launched the Link will be open for 30 days: You will receive ALL Data including an infographic summary with survey insights 5 days following the close of the live survey link. 
  • BONUS: If the community decides to run the Coworking Takeover Challenge™ within 6 months of the survey, the FULL COST of the Survey will be deducted from the program price. 

Total Cost $497

100% Fearlessly Optimistic People
Supporting one another with 
wit, wisdom and ingenuity
Fuelling Entrepreneurial Ambition
 Fostering an environment where people have ideas and act on them

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