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Live speaking events are an opportunity to connect with community on a deeper level around a shared message and a shared purpose.  Rural on Purpose presentations focus on generating forward movement together where we are co-creators of our future. 

founder mary doyle
"the future is rural"


Mary understands the importance of personal connection when building a community and while her speaking time is limited, she does speak at some events during the year. 

Her message always comes back to her thesis that "the future is rural." 

She explores issues around what it means to be rural in the Fourth Industrial Revolution (during a time of urbanization and globalization) and how rural communities can lead during this time of rapid change and uncertainty. Her presentations outline opportunities to redefine and reposition rural for the future. 

Her goal is to embolden and enlist people who are living Rural on Purpose to change the trajectory of their communities.

past presentation Topics:
- building a rural freelance/remote worker ecosystem
- the future of work
- Rural/Urban Connection
- Social Enterprise 
- Rural Entrepreneurial development 
- Rural Pilots 
- Rural Leadership
- Youth Engagement
- Digital Adoption - Innovation at the speed of need.
- Volunteerism 
- Rural Community Innovation 

With over 28 years of experience working in all three sectors (private, non-profit and government) Mary works to improve economic opportunities for people living in rural areas by piloting high impact programs that prepare them for the future.

While entrepreneurship is at the heart of all of her work, she sees it as a way of “thinking and acting” to bring about change in any area. She is fearlessly optimistic and challenges people to have faith in the future as they work to make a difference.

Mary has been recognized as a leading businessperson and educator, winning “Business Person of the Year” in Kingston, Ontario and the OSSTF Teaching Award for the most outstanding qualities of Scholarship, Teaching Ability and Character. 

presentation feedback

"Mary – thank you so very much for opening our ambassador meetings on Community Leadership. With your address on building great communities, you did a fantastic job linking the importance of health and social well being to business and community success.

You expertly captured the linkages of vibrant, inclusive communities and positive impact through strong corporate social responsibility.

You are indeed a subject matter expert in social and economic community development, and we were thrilled to have you open our meetings on establishing win/win practices for caring corporations to give back to those who are vulnerable.

You are an authentic, passionate leader and we were fortunate to have you deliver such an important message to our partners and donors!

With warmest thanks and best regards,
from the team at United Way Hastings and Prince Edward."

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