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Who are rural entrepreneurs and what do they need? This infographic looks at the different entrepreneurial personalities in rural communities. 


Economic Developers — If you want more ribbon cuttings make this one small change
The Candle Problem:
how rural communities can solve it.
Not the one!
Can’t see the forest for the trees.
the Benefit Mindset and Personal Contribution
Tribes are important 
— where’s mine?
Blind Spots
Rural communities need to stop talking ABOUT Millennials and try talking TO them
From Play Dates to Membership Mingles
How do you grow any community?
Co-working — Ideology or Big Business?
City Mouse or Country Mouse?
Our Rural Entrepreneurial Landscape
Question: What does Art have to do with Entrepreneurship? Answer: Everything!

Should rural embrace the “gig” economy?
On Being a Selfish Entrepreneur
Rural Co-working — a conundrum
Rural Communities need New Opportunities NOT improvement offers
In Defence of Self-Reflection
Who do you have Time for?
Building a Freelance Culture in Rural Communities.
@JimCollins: rural communities just announced their BHAG!
The modern workforce is freelance–cities should get ready…rural communities are.
Privilege, Responsibility and Entrepreneurship
A Tour of Coworking Takeover Week™ May 2019
Digital Infrastructure and Rural Advocacy
POV and the Rural/Urban Divide 
Am I Rural?
100% Fearlessly Optimistic People
Supporting one another with 
wit, wisdom and ingenuity
Fuelling Entrepreneurial Ambition
 Fostering an environment where people have ideas and act on them

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