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Download The Rural on Purpose Manifesto 
And Share It With Your Community!
Rural Voices matter 
especially yours! 
The Rural on Purpose Brand is a point of view
It is the point of view of people who have made the conscious choice to live in rural communities 
(whether they were born here, left and returned or newly discovered rural.) 

It is the positive message of optimism and empowerment and a commitment to strengthen 
our communities through the development of our Entrepreneurial Culture.

Download The Say It Out Loud! Rural Voices Campaign 
Social Media Posts To Share With Your Community!
After you’ve participated in the Say It Out Loud! Rural Voices Campaign, invite your network to do it too! Use these ready-made social media posts to spread the word. 

Make the ROP Manifesto your own!

1. Record yourself reading it out loud 
2. Post the video online (youtube, tiktok, social media, your website). Include the hashtags #RuralonPurpose and #SayItOutLoud. Tag @ruralonpurpose, plus 3 other friends to go next

We can’t wait to share YOUR voices - fearlessly optimistic people living Rural on Purpose!

100% Fearlessly Optimistic People
Supporting one another with 
wit, wisdom and ingenuity
Fuelling Entrepreneurial Ambition
 Fostering an environment where people have ideas and act on them

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