August 10, 2020 @ 1:00-3:00 p.m. (Eastern)

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The Future is Rural
We're building it together! 
Passion + Leadership + Fearless Optimism

Join others who are leading their communities through one of the most challenging times in modern history! You'll make key connections, find critical support and discover game changing new ideas at E2XCHANGE! 

What's a "virtual first" Event? 
A "Virtual First" event is an event designed from inception to be an authentic and dynamic ONLINE experience, guaranteed to engage and connect remote attendees. 

Don't expect a Zoom Meeting! E2xchange simulates in-person networking using a virtual event space. You'll be able to interact with others in a friendly and meaningful way and leave with new professional connections and leads. 

There will a Rural on Purpose presentation as well, to update attendees on our roadmap! We're really excited to share news and connect with friends, old and new. 

If you are involved in Rural or Community development in a professional, personal or volunteer capacity and you want to meet other leaders who are making an impact, you can't afford to miss this. 

YOUR work is too important not to share it with others. It is only by coordinating our effort that we'll be able to generate the kind of impact that the world needs right now! 

NOTE: There will be a limited number of attendees at this event.
This is not a marketing message. The limit is fixed and will not be changing. Don't wait to register. 

“The new form of networking is not about climbing a ladder to success; it’s about collaboration, co-creation, partnerships, and long-term values-based relationships.”

Porter Gale

Meet the Founders of 
Rural on Purpose

A Message from the CEO
My name is Mary Doyle, and I think of myself as a "crystal ball engineer" - equal parts futurist and problem solver. 

Entrepreneurship is at the heart of everything I do; I see it as a way of thinking and acting to bring about change. 

As the co-founder of Rural on Purpose I have the great pleasure of working with some of the brightest lights in Rural and Community Development, to redefine and reposition Rural for the future. 

I'm thrilled that you're going to join us for this professional networking opportunity. 

Thank you for being a community worth serving!  

the most productive (and fun) 2 hours you will spend at work! 
Register NOW while there is room!
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