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Mary Doyle
building a new narrative  
Dear Community,

We are entering a new phase in human development and rural communities have a critical role to play. 

If we are paying close attention we’ll see the openings, the opportunities and the solutions to human problems that only functioning rural communities can provide. 

If we look even further out we’ll see the awesome responsibility that we have to provide these solutions. 

Yesterday we valued and marketed ourselves based on our proximity to urban centres. Tomorrow cities will be valued based on their proximity to nature and functioning, healthy rural regions - not the other way around. 

It all begins with fearlessly optimistic people contributing their talents and ideas to build healthy, happy and whole communities.

It grows and strengthens with our networks and connection to each other. 

Rural on Purpose exists to inspire communities to action and ignite the passion for place that comes with purposeful living. 

Thank you for being here and for being a community worth serving. 

With gratitude,

Let's talk

With over 28 years of experience working in all three sectors (private, non-profit and government) I now work to improve economic opportunities for communities and people living in rural areas. 

I am a writer, speaker, program developer and consultant. 

My education and experience has included teaching, entrepreneurship and business ownership, economic development, and community building. I'm fortunate to have achieved recognition in all areas of my professional development.¬† I was named ‚ÄúBusiness Person of the Year‚ÄĚ in Kingston Ontario. I won the OSSTF Teaching Award for the most outstanding qualities of Scholarship, Teaching Ability and Character. I was named one of 11 Women Entrepreneur Icons in Canada and I've been recognized by Prime Minister Trudeau for my contribution to the Canadian Entrepreneurial Ecosystem.¬†

While entrepreneurship is at the heart of all my work, I see it as a way of ‚Äúthinking and acting‚ÄĚ to bring about change in any area. I'm fearlessly optimistic and I challenge people to have faith in the future as we all work to make a difference.

I'm thankful every day to have the opportunity to serve. If you think I can help your community, business or organization with consulting, speaking/writing or program development please reach out. 

Consulting and Connection:
100% Fearlessly Optimistic People
Supporting one another with 
wit, wisdom and ingenuity
Fuelling Entrepreneurial Ambition
 Fostering an environment where people have ideas and act on them

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