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Do you live in a Rural Community? 
Are you an Entrepreneur? 
Do you support Entrepreneurs in your community? 
We work with entire communities 
to pilot new programs and test concepts 
that support Entrepreneurship 
in rural regions.

Rural needs New Opportunities - not the same old improvement offers!

There is a BETTER way. 
If you're a Freelancer or a Remote Worker, help us out by taking our survey as we work to build #FreelanceFriendlyCommunities
Freelancers Living Rural
Freelancers Making the Move
The Rural on Purpose PILOTS are collaboration projects with rural communities worldwide 
fuelling entrepreneurial ambition by fostering an environment 
where people have ideas and act on them. 
Who are the PILOTS for? 
The Rural on Purpose Pilots are for Community Builders in rural regions worldwide. You are the frontline support for growth in your communities - the experts, facilitators, cheerleaders and advisors. You understand how to build community capacity. The pilots are designed to serve you as a resource for future-focused program development. Community Builders could come from Economic Development, Municipalities, Organizations, Private Business, Associations or passionate individuals. 
What is the purpose of the PILOTS? 
Rural communities are dealing with certain challenges that are systemically global, like youth retention and attraction, aging workforce, declining populations and the changing nature of work. We are using bandaids to fix amputations. A new way forward is needed that relies on the collective insight and intelligence of our communities.  

The "pilot" structure is meant to lessen the expense, shorten the delivery time, test solutions and mitigate risk (cost vs success.)   
Is there a cost to participate? 
YES. The program is participant funded. 

We made the conscious decision NOT to register as a not-for-profit organization. Rural on Purpose is a for-profit Social Enterprise. As with everything else, we believe a new way forward for rural economic development includes new, self-sustaining support structures. Too much time is spent trying to justify and compete for limited grant money to keep programs running that may have ended had they been market driven. 

Community investment ensures commitment (in market driven solutions.) PILOTS only run when there is interest, need and people willing to pay. 

There is also a money-back GUARANTEE to further ensure fit for the community. 
What is required to run a Rural on Purpose Pilot? 
A Champion and a Sponsor! 
What's in it for me? 
  • New solutions to Rural Challenges.
  • A Global Network of support and collective intelligence.
  • DATA - real local and comparative rural data (PILOT data collected will be available to all PILOT participants)
  • Being part of an Economic Development Movement that introduces a new era of RURAL leadership, confidence and prosperity! 
Our Current PILOT Project is a test of 
Rural Coworking 
The goal of this BLOG is to Encourage, Embolden and Enlist people who are living 
Rural on Purpose to change the trajectory of our communities through Entrepreneurship.

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The Rural on Purpose Brand is a point of view. 
It is the point of view of people who have made the conscious choice to live in rural communities (whether they were born here, left and returned or newly discovered rural.) 
It is the positive message of optimism and empowerment and a commitment to strengthen our communities through the development of our Entrepreneurial Culture.
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 Fostering an environment where people have ideas and act on them
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