Rural Coworking PILOT
Organize and Run a Coworking Takeover Week in your community.
Learn what works and what doesn't before jumping in.
Follow the Pilot currently underway 
with the HASHTAG #CWTakeover 
Can Coworking WORK here? Let's find out. 
Whether you're an Economic Developer, a Community Builder organization, or a Local Business - running a Rural on Purpose PILOT in your community can benefit the entire ecosystem of Entrepreneurs and residents. Pilots take the guesswork out of strategic planning. 
Collective Intelligence
You are connected to PILOT facilitators from around the world who are sharing their experiences and best practices.
Resources and Support 
Everything you need to know in order to run the Takeover Week is provided (templates, resources, documents, timelines and checklists.)
Data, Data, Data
All data collected is provided to the local community as well as all cohort comparative data from numerous other rural regions. 
Two videos that explain the Coworking Takeover Week to the community:
View our webinar:
What you're going to get as part of the PILOT... 
The RURAL ON PURPOSE Pilots are an investment in your community and we want to make sure that you get the most out of it!  
  •  9 Week Pilot Launch Masterclass: designed to take you through the ENTIRE Pilot process with step by step instructions and training...
  •  Dedicated Website: hosted with a custom domain to centralize communication, news and registrations (duration of Pilot)...
  •  Toolkit of Resources: templates, timelines, scripts, checklists, slide decks (everything you need)...
  •  Branded Creatives: to be used as part of the marketing plan (t-shirts, stickers, banners, posters, lanyards etc.) 
  •  Data, Data, Data: local and comparative data (desirability, viability, feasibility) from participants in the Rural Coworking Pilot...
  •  Online Tools and Support: Invitation to join the Rural on Purpose SLACK group to communicate in real time with the Pilot Support Team, other Pilot Communities and each other ... 
  • Rural Network of Community Builders: collective support and intelligence from a global community...
     and much more...explained in the Webinar!
Want to run the next Coworking Takeover Week? don't want to miss this opportunity.
Don't forget to follow along with the current PILOT 
Read our BLOGS on Coworking...
How well do you know your community? Are you struggling with any of these issues:
* Youth Retention and Attraction - and staying relevant
* Engaging your Solopreneurs and Freelancers
* Supporting an ecosystem around Entrepreneuship
* Understanding the "Gig" Economy and how it fits in Rural Communities

Is coworking something your community wants?

From Play Dates to Membership Mingles

Who is behind the Co-working craze and why? 

Co-working — Ideology or Big Business?

The industry itself and where it's headed.

Rural Co-working — a conundrum

Where does all of this leave Rural? 
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Building a Freelance Culture in Rural Communities.

100% Fearlessly Optimistic People
Supporting one another with 
wit, wisdom and ingenuity
Fuelling Entrepreneurial Ambition
 Fostering an environment where people have ideas and act on them
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