Here's A Recap Of
When You Accept The Coworking Takeover Challenge Today!
  •  30 Days of Video Missions from Rural on Purpose                                                          
  •  30 Days of LIVE Coaching from Mary Doyle, Danny Costello and Carly Barrett        
  •  Coworking Takeover Challenge ToolKit (30 Day Plan)                                                  
  •  BONUS: Dedicated Website, hosted with custom domain during the Challenge                    
  •  BONUS: Use of Branded Creatives to level-up your marketing                               
  •  BONUS: Network of Global Challenge Communities
  • (And we'll be with you through the whole Challenge!) 
TOTAL VALUE: let's just say more than $500!
(Remember: our 10 week pilot costs more for ONE community than ALL 36 Challenge Communities Combined!)
If you want to see Coworking in YOUR community and start attracting freelancers, remote workers, entrepreneurs, and home-based business owners AND build a support system for the ones already there then this is the mission we're giving you...
You have 30 days, starting April 15...
Do YOU Accept?
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